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Staring down a tornado, whether it is an F1 or an F5, can be a horrifying experience. If you live in a tornado prone area, you know exactly what I am talking about. Tornados can change lives and take lives in a matter of seconds. Since tornados are a fact of life, it is a great idea to plan accordingly to protect yourself and those you love.

Most people think of protecting their valuables with insurance. However, there are only two ways to truly protect yourself from a tornado. The first thing you could do is flee the area if there is ample time and means to do so. That is typically not the best scenario because some storm systems are big and erratic so there is no place to go that is safe. The second option would be to have a storm shelter, such as a safe room, that would give you peace of mind and serve as a refuge for your family during the storm.

There is a reason our motto is: CAN'T MOVE THIS! At Stealth Storm Shelters, we are passionate about the safety and welfare of your family. The quality of material and attention to detail as well as superior craftsmanship that goes in to the construction of each safe room set us apart from others in the industry. And, we have a vested interest as we are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is in the heart of "tornado alley".

We want to welcome you to our site and hope you will become part of our family by placing your trust in a Stealth Storm Shelters. Please feel free to contact us with any questions as you navigate through the information. We are here to serve you!

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